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Mosheh Koke

Born and raised in St. Louis MO, the rap god Mosheh Koke grew up immersed in music, learning to play the piano and sing in choirs as a child. In the late 90s and early 2000s Mosheh learned to DJ from his older brother DJ Karl who was a main DJ for some of St. Louis’s most popular spots of that era such as The Palace and Saints where many St. Louis artists like Nelly got their start. Mosheh was taught to produce beats around the same time, going by the name Yung Ghost – given to him by childhood friend Esmond Ford. At 14 Mosheh started selling his beats around town to local artists. Using the money made from producing, Mosheh recorded and released his first mixtape ‘Crucifixion’ at 15 and began touring around to local spots performing and selling his music. Around 19 Mosheh veered into spoken word, going by a different alias – Mosheh Jubal, performing at open mics and spoken word competitions around St. Louis. Eventually, Mosheh worked with a club owner to begin hosting his own shows at a club on the south side of St. Louis. Around 2014 Mosheh caught the attention of 2 former Def Jam artists and was embraced as a part of their team - Street Dreamz Music Group (SDMG). SDMG launched their own recording studio in the St. Louis Mills mall and shortly after released their first mixtape ‘Dream’ with a cypher by Mosheh as the introduction. After working with SDMG, Mosheh began to go by a new alias - Mosheh Koke. He now works with 5 other close friends under the label The F1rm.

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